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Hi!  I’m Audra Sampson, artist, designer, wife, mother of 3, color and fashion lover.  I have been a full-time artist since the late 90’s.  I painted glassware for 16 years before launching my funky jewelry line in the Spring of 2018. It has taken off so quickly, my husband, Jason, began working full-time in production beginning January 2019.  Our studio is in our home town of Oriental, NC.

Over the summer we were able to hire a full-time production manager and several part-time employees who help run the daily operation of the business from assembling to packing and shipping to website maintenance. This has allowed me more time to focus on product development and marketing which is a full-time job itself!

On top of running a business, I am also a mother of 3 kids. Jackson is 12, Elliot is 9 and Vivian is 3. Jackson loves to roller skate and play Xbox. He’s super smart in math and has the most tender heart. Elliot is very creative. She is always making, cutting, taping, gluing, drawing etc. She has always preferred art supplies to toys and she loves to help model our smaller earrings. Vivian will do just about anything for a laugh, especially from her brother and sister and she loves everything pink and frilly and girly.

Since we live in a town where taking 5 people out to eat can get pretty pricey, I cook most nights of the week. I love to use the instant pot and crockpot and love making up recipes as I go.

I love to go to thrift stores for clothes and decor and if I just can’t find something I’m looking for then I will try and make it myself!

Stay tuned for outfits ideas, shopping guides, recipes, diys, family stuff, and just about everything in between!

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